LEIF = Collaborative and Dynamic investment and Customer discovery  

LEIF is a technology-focused advisory business that does three things:

  1. We help investors find investments 
  2. We help companies find investors, customers and partners 
  3. We secure media coverage in influential magazines and newspapers 

Clear and strong communication is at the heart of our service offering, which is often combined with our research and events

Current clients include Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures and Airbus APWorks

How are we Collaborative and dynamic?

Collaboration among companies from different industries is a refreshing and creative way to solve common problems and address similar needs.  

For example, it’s exciting what happens when you mix advanced materials, water, aviation, oil, gas, robotics and chemicals, which is what we're doing currently through our advanced materials research, events and blogs. Our clients are finding new customers, capital, ideas and potential investments.

We communicate our clients’ expertise at events and through conventional and social media. This means they get the widest possible exposure, which creates a dynamic loop in the process of customer and investment discovery.