Venturing and the Future of Automotive TEchnology, 1 December 2016:

Join leading automotive technologists, start-ups, and corporate and financial venture capitalists, to discuss and discover the best investment opportunities in automotive technology at this one day conference organised by Global Corporate Venturing and LEIF. 

Rarely in the long history of the automotive industry has it been as open and vulnerable to change as it is today. Car sharing, ride-hailing, electrification, connectivity and the rapid emerge of autonomous vehicles in passenger and industrial transportation are potentially as disruptive as the switch from horse and cart to the car and the railways. Trains, planes and automobiles will never be the same again.

Corporate venture capitalists from a widening group of industries, including insurance, logistics and software as well as the established automotive sector, are therefore seeking and backing new technologies and business models with large volumes of capital. There’s a lot at stake. The costs of missing out on a revolution in transportation will be very high. Transportation is a trillion dollar industry with a knock-on impact on other industries like no other. The future of ‘big energy’ (utilities as well as oil & gas) hinges on the direction of transportation. For the software industry, transportation is a huge undiscovered new territory ripe for commercialisation. For more information: 

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