Upcoming Events

“I attend and present at 4-8 investor events every year, and the Global Corporate Venturing event in Sonoma [curated and moderated by LEIF] was the best event I have been a part of.  The sold-out event attracted an energetic crowd of key decision makers, and the sessions were well organised and moderated in a fashion that kept the audience engaged and provided the speakers ample opportunity to present their value and answer the audience’s questions. This event led to immediate new investor and customer interest, that has evolved into deep due diligence with 4 key new investors for my company.”

​Tim Reeser, CEO and Co-Founder, Lightning Hybrids (a BP Ventures portfolio company)

We curate and moderate events because they are a very useful complement to capital-raising, marketing and origination, and they serve to extend and refresh our network of investors and innovators. In addition to the large venture conferences listed below, we also organise and moderate smaller private events for our clients; round-table discussions, dinners, off-site team meetings etc. 

Join 400+ business leaders from the corporate venturing and wider high growth business ecosystem for the two-day 2018 GCV Symposium covering innovation and strategy. Now in its eighth year, the GCV Symposium has experienced exponential growth, attracting an enviable list of speakers and international senior delegates. This year we’re moving a short distance along the Thames to Westminster, for what will be another must-attend occasion in London for professionals in and around the corporate venturing ecosystem.

There will again be a huge amount of investment power located in one room. There will be corporations managing more than $100 billion in venture assets, for parents with aggregate revenues of at least $4 trillion. This year’s theme is ‘The Shoulders of Giants’, and will focus on how start-ups and entrepreneurs can benefit from being lifted to the heights by their corporate investors. In return, the giants benefit from increased exposure to emerging technologies, the ability to create new ecosystems and to connect their startups to other parts of their own corporations for commercial arrangements and other collaborations.