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LEIF and its clients are regularly cited and quoted by leading newspapers and magazines. LEIF Chairman Tom Whitehouse, a former BBC and Guardian foreign correspondent, writes the monthly ‘Clean Deal’ column for Global Corporate Venturing, the world’s leading corporate venturing publication. (Some of his columns are also on the LEIF blog site). This gives LEIF the opportunity to communicate our clients’ stories to the widest possible audiences, which feeds back into their business development and investment campaigns. A sample of articles is provided below, most of which are behind pay walls so a short extract is included. 

Global Corporate Venturing February 2017

The future of mobility at Sonoma​

The breakout session “Automotive, mobility and the future of energy” at the Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit 2017 in Sonoma was hosted by Tom Whitehouse, contributing editor at Global Corporate Venturing and Founder of LEIF, and Kaloyan Andonov, reporter and analyst at GCV Analytics.​

Global Corporate Venturing January 2017

​The Guts and Brains of the Automotive

Tom Whitehouse speaks with Tony Cannestra, director of corporate ventures, Denso International America on the developments within the Automotive industry.

Global Corporate Venturing December 2016

​All-tech venturing for a new mobility paradigm

​Leif founder and contributing editor Tom Whitehouse speaks with Ian Simmons, vice-president business development, Magna International, on tech venturing.

Global Corporate Venturing November 2016

​Finding and creating new value in mobility

​Tom Whitehouse speaks with Jonathan Tudor, venture director at Castrol InnoVentures. Jonathan Tudor sets out his venturing strategy below. Connectivity, autonomy, efficiency and mobility as a service are key themes.

Global Corporate Venturing April 2015 

Top materials venturers and startups
“Advanced materials are of increasing importance in the clean deals being done by a widening group of corporate VCs. Once the domain of oil and chemicals, other industries have increased their venture activities in advanced materials over the last few years.”

Global Corporate Venturing February 2015

Pursuing material advances

SAEV will only invest in companies where we see a strong possibility that the technology will be adopted in Saudi Arabia.  SAEV has an in-house business development team whose job is to connect our portfolio companies to the right technical specialists in business groups in Saudi Aramco, whether for piloting, commercial deployment, or for joint development projects. 

Financial Times, December 8th, 2014

World without water: six solutions to a shortage

“We are seeing the emergence of a surprising constellation of different types of investors, such as oil and gas companies, and very wealthy families ­putting their money into water technologies,” says Tom Whitehouse, chairman of the London Environmental Investment Forum, an advisory business that connects investors with new clean technologies. “There are huge water scarcity problems across the world, which have to be solved and water is also becoming a strategic issue.” 

Global Corporate Venturing September 2014

Airbus Innovation Takes flight
“Although Airbus Group is a customer of Speetect’s products and services its captive market in Airbus would not be sufficient to turn it into a prosperous business,” says Gies. “By spinning-off this business the team is able to implement a dedicated business model to address a wide range of market segments such as water providers, cooling towers, semi-conductors, pulp and paper, cooling lubricants, cosmetics, food and beverages, hospitals and others,” he adds.

Financial Times, October 22, 2013 

Venture capital: Corporate investors will reap long-term rewards
Tom Whitehouse, chairman of the London Environmental Investment Forum, says: “Cleantech is almost always capital-intensive, so some argue that it isn’t a sector for venture capital. That might be true for financial venture capital, but it is not true of corporate venture capital, which has a long-term outlook and, more importantly, the ability to bring clean technology to market.”


WWT July 16th 2013 

Oil and gas drives water-tech innovation

“A growing trend towards investment in water technology start-ups by global oil and gas companies has been revealed in a new report from the London Environmental Investment Forum (LEIF) in association with Global Corporate Venturing.”