Our clients need to invest money, raise money, and/or win new customers and partners. We provide them with four services - research, introductions, writing and rehearsal, which are sometimes complemented by our research and events. LEIF, the trading name of Carbon Communications International Ltd, is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FRN: 472599).

Research on / identification of investors / customers / 'influencers' 
Whether you’re a technology investor looking for companies to invest in, or a technology company looking for investors and customers, LEIF has the network, expertise, authority, and methodology to research, identify and connect you with the people who require your product or service. 


Our research is combined with introductions that are facilitated by our communication of your credibility and authority.  


Successful business development requires clear communication. Our writing skills will make clear your credibility and authority. Depending on client needs, LEIF writes information memoranda, ‘teasers’, white papers, opinion pieces, speeches, Q&As /interviews, newsletters, brochures, websites, press briefings etc. Given the background of our founder, our approach is journalistic; we find your best stories and the most engaging and efficient way of telling them. 

Rehearsal / coaching / training 
Through our preparation and rehearsal we’ll ensure you are ‘match fit’, i.e. well prepared and ready for all the questions we can anticipate from the people we introduce you to.  

If you’re at the beginning of an investment, fund-raising or business development campaign, or are looking to refresh your efforts, please contact us to find out how we can help.