At LEIF we look to deepen these connections and increase the opportunities to do business. We do this by providing a platform for our clients to demonstrate their expertise, explain their objectives and expand their area of influence through the use of events and meetings.


LEIF utilizes our extensive network to help our clients meet and connect with the people they need to influence.

“Participation in the LEIF advanced materials programme is producing several valuable business opportunities for us, not just with companies we are being introduced to directly, but also with companies from far afield that have contacted us after reading the LEIF report.” ​
Joachim Zettler, MD Airbus APWorks


We write and communicate authoritative content which positions our clients as leaders in fast growing industries. In addition to our published research, we write articles, information memoranda and management presentations. 

Our Services

Successful capital-raising, origination and marketing require excellence in communication, in story-telling. You have to tell compelling and accurate stories to the right people.

The services LEIF provides draw on our experience and competence in communication and research. We ensure that our clients tell their stories to the most relevant and best qualified people among our investor and innovator network, which we endeavour to monitor in ‘real time’ as it is constantly growing and changing.

Our methodology is simple and highly effective: research, connect, convene – we enable our clients’ capital-raising and business development strategies in three overlapping and dynamic stages: