Peter Boerma, CEO, Evodos
“Evodos has engaged LEIF as their advisor for raising new capital. LEIF’s proposal was to focus on the specific investor profile as defined by Evodos [and] consisted of a clear path forward on how to define a strong storyline for potential investors. My feeling was that it created awareness early on our side on the objectives of these potential investors and was instrumental in defining a good Information Memorandum.   Although the outcome of the process is still open, all indications are that eventually it will result in success.”


Jonathan Tudor, Managing Director, BP Ventures - Mobility
“GCV’s reports and conferences [written and curated by LEIF) are a great venture platform for communicating and learning. Participating in their mobility and energy programme is a superb way for us to immerse ourselves, and some of our portfolio businesses, in the strategies and thinking of our most important potential co-investors and partners.”​

Juergen Habichler, Managing Partner, Jadeberg Partners
“Thanks again LEIF for all the efforts and great ideas.”

Joachim Zettler, MD Airbus APWorks
“Participation in the LEIF advanced materials programme is producing several valuable business opportunities for us, not just with companies we are being introduced to directly, but also with companies from far afield that have contacted us after reading the LEIF report.”

Tim Reeser, CEO and Co-Founder, Lightning Hybrids (a BP Ventures portfolio company)
“I attend and present at 4-8 investor events every year, and the Global Corporate Venturing event in Sonoma [curated and moderated by LEIF] was the best event I have been a part of.  The sold-out event attracted an energetic crowd of key decision makers, and the sessions were well organised and moderated in a fashion that kept the audience engaged and provided the speakers ample opportunity to present their value and answer the audience’s questions. This event led to immediate new investor and customer interest that has evolved into deep due diligence with 4 key new investors for my company.”​

Felix Leuschner, Founder and CEO, Drover (a BP Ventures portfolio company)
“Participating in GCV’s mobility programme [curated and moderated by LEIF] was an efficient and enjoyable way to start doing business with the most senior decision-makers in the most active corporate venture capital companies.”

Josh Switkes, Founder and CEO, Peloton Technology Inc (part of the portfolios of BP, Magna, Intel, Denso and others)
"The GCVI session in Sonoma [curated and moderated by LEIF] was both well organized and resulted in a number of new and renewed contacts from investors and customers."

Marko Guček, CEO, GoOpti Ltd  (an EBRD Ventures portfolio company)
“The event [curated and moderated by LEIF] was great opportunity to meet and build relationships with experts from the field of transportation.”​

Dinakar Munagala, CEO, ThinCi (part of the portfolios of Magna and Denso)
“A lot of industries are interested in the innovation we are commercializing and GCV appears to reach them all. Participating in GCV programs [curated and moderated by LEIF) has proven a very effective way for us to initiate dialogue with some very important potential customers and investors. For example, at the recent conference in Northern California, we described how our silicon chip makes deep learning affordable in applications ranging from handheld devices to automobiles. The result was considerable interest from VCs and companies attending the event”
Wayne Evans, VP - Industrial Technology, Veolia Water Technologies
“LEIF has connected us with a rich mix of companies and investors. A number of potential opportunities for collaboration have risen."

David Fitzsimons, Director, Oakdene Hollins​

“LEIF has introduced us to a new network and provided us with a platform on which we have been able to present our ideas on new opportunities in clean technology.”